IQ It's All About You Christmas Set


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IQ Intelligent Haircare It's All About You Gift Set is a luxurious collection of hair care essentials formulated for all hair types. Comes complete in a gorgeous gift box.
Collection Contains:

1 x IQ Intelligent Haircare Daily Shampoo (300ml) - an everyday shampoo enriched with awesome Amaranth for classically clean and manageable hair, each and every day. With a gentle, sulphate-free formulation it is suitable for daily use on all hair types, making hair easier to manage. Completely paraben & cruelty-free.
1 x IQ Intelligent Haircare Daily Conditioner (300ml) - an everyday conditioner that has been enriched with awe-inspiring Amaranth for an invigorating experience, leaving your hair silky soft. Suitable for all hair types it ensures softness, suppleness and manageability. Completely paraben & cruelty-free.
1 x IQ Intelligent Haircare Hair Serum (75ml) - a luxurious treatment designed to enhance & smooth the hair, giving a frizz-free & glossy finish. Enriched with Amaranth Seed Extract, Sunflower Seed Oil (which is high in Omega-9) and Rosemary Leaf Extract, this advanced serum aids in detangling, increases manageability, controls frizz & prevents brittle hair - all whilst stimulating hair follicles to encourage hair growth and reduce hair shedding. It also nourishes & hydrates dry and damaged hair. Free from sulphates, parabens, synthetic fragrances & harsh preservatives.