GWP (gift with purchase)

We do our very best to insure that if we offer a gift with purchase we fulfill the order with that GWP. Sometimes however you may have seen the offer on google shopping, but if not seen in the basket, then the offer item has gone out of stock that day or hour or minute. This is something we have no control over, as when we add the offer, we select how many we have in stock and the run down begins. Google shopping/ merchant is not a real time program and Google will only update the offer when they crawl the site.

This can be frustrating if you wanted that extra product and if this happens please do contact us to see if we can find more of that item or add something else for you.

On the flip side of this! When we are adding a new promotion to google it sometimes over runs the offer before. This can mean that an extra GWP item is added to the "extra GWP" meaning sometimes you can get both offers with your order. This usually happens one day every month and savvy shopper has signed up to our newsletter and our facebook page and can see when new offers start.

*Customers receive 1 gift with purchase per customer and not per transaction*