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Face Bobble Make-up Beauty Blender, Black

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Product Overview

Face Bobble is your base/flawless miracle complexion sponge & beauty makeup blender. High definition results! Latex Free
How To Use – Face Bobble Beauty Blender:

For the best results, wet the sponge before you begin, because the water will help to smooth out the application. If you’re using liquid makeup, squeeze a small amount onto the back of your non-dominant hand, then grabbing your makeup sponge, dab makeup onto the sponge and begin to apply to your face. Don’t swipe or drag the sponge across your face as this won’t give you a seamless finish. Instead, use a stippling motion to consistently dab the makeup onto your face, making for smooth, all over coverage. Continue adding foundation a little bit at a time (you can always add more, but go slowly so you don’t waste your makeup) until your face is covered. Without any product on the sponge, go back over your face with the stippling motion to blend in anything you may have missed.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review